Finding the Freelance Clients You Deserve 

Discover the best ways to target and reach your ideal clients — without wasting time, effort, or money.

Do you struggle to get great clients and create a stable, successful freelance business? 

Most freelancers do—because marketing is a major challenge. You may not know what to do, or how to do it. Or maybe what you’ve tried hasn’t worked. So you end up take whatever work comes along, instead of finding the clients you deserve. 

But it doesn’t to be that way. 

My name is Lori De Milto, and within 18 months of starting my freelance writing business, I was a six-figure freelancer doing work I loved for clients who treated me right. I didn’t do this by being smarter than other freelancers—because I’m not. I did it by I teaching myself how to find great clients, get them to hire me, and keep them coming back for more.

Online Course to Help You Get the Clients You Deserve

I’ve figured out the best ways to target and reach the right clients — without wasting time, effort, or money. Now I help other freelancers get the clients they deserve, with my proven, step-by-step process. 

Whether you’re a new, aspiring, or experienced freelancer, this online course will help you create a stable, money-making business by:

  •  Finding or refining your specialty  
  •  Understanding the needs of your ideal clients 
  •  Developing a strong prospect list 
  •  Attracting great clients with an easy-to-use, free marketing tool 
  •  Getting more referrals 
  • Getting more great clients with the key step most freelancers skip. 

You’ll get: 

  •  Lessons focused on what works best for freelancers 
  • Examples, templates, tips, and other resources to help you apply the lessons 
  • Exercises that guide you through the steps you need to take to start getting the clients you deserve.

 Choose from 2 versions of the course: 

  •  Self-study, an economical way to learn what to do to get the clients you deserve.  
  •  Personalized coaching to guide you in getting the clients you deserve from a successful, seasoned freelancer.

What Freelancers Say About the Course 

“Marketing will be a lot easier and less intimidating for me now that I know how to find clients who will pay me well to do the work I want to do.” 

Mia De Fino, Freelance writer since 2016 

“Lori over-delivered with specific and actionable content. The lessons were well organized and adaptable to my (regulatory) writing specialty. I expect to use the strategies and course materials well into the future.” 

Denis Boyle, PhD, CMC Biopharma, Freelance medical writer and consultant since 2016

“This course breaks down the intimidating concept of marketing into easy-to-follow lessons.” 

Melanie Lawler, PhD ML3 Communications, Freelance medical writer since 2010 

“After freelancing for several years, I know what type of clients and projects are optimal for me. Lori’s course helped me to develop a specific marketing strategy to efficiently target those clients. This has put my freelancing business on a path to greater success.” 

Jennifer Kelly Shepphird, PhD, JKS Science & Medical Writing, LLC

6 Lessons Focused on What Works Best for Freelancers

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Money-Making Specialty(ies) 

Specializing is the fastest, easiest way to get great clients. Already specialize? Find out if you’ve chosen a money-making specialty(ies)—and how to switch your focus if you haven’t. Even if you already have a strong specialty, you’ll learn how to focus it more to get great clients. 


  • Find and assess freelance opportunities in different specialties 
  • Choose your money-making specialty(ies) 
  • Prepare to get great clients in your specialty(ies) 

Lesson 2: Finding the Right Prospects 

Get high-paying clients who treat you right by choosing who you want to work with and developing a prospect list. 


  • Choose the clients you want to work with 
  • Find the right people to target within each organization 
  • Get the hard-to-find contact information you need to reach the right people 

Lesson 3: Using Direct Email to Reach and Attract the Right Prospects 

Get the attention of your prospects and persuade them to hire you with direct email that shows you’re an expert who understands their needs. 


  • Show your expertise and understanding of client needs 
  • Write direct email copy that prospects will read 
  • Start to build relationships with prospects and get clients 

Lesson 4: Attracting Clients Online with LinkedIn and Your Website

Show prospects why they should choose you with a strong online presence. 


  • Highlight your expertise and skills with a client-focused LinkedIn profile 
  • Impress clients and colleagues with a website that shows you understand client needs 
  • Present your expertise, skills, samples, and professionalism with your website 

Lesson 5: Meeting People Who Can Help and Hire You

Get more referrals — the easiest way to grow your freelance business — from colleagues, meet prospects, and learn about freelance opportunities by building a strong network. 


  • Get more referrals by building a strong network of colleagues 
  • Make the right impression on everyone you meet in person or online by giving more than you take 
  • Network strategically 

Lesson 6: Being in the Right Place when Clients Need a Freelancer

Up to 90% of the time, prospects aren’t ready to hire a freelancer when you first contact them. Make sure that prospects, colleagues, and clients think of you first for freelance work by staying in touch with them regularly. 


  • Get top-of-mind-awareness so prospects and clients think of you first when they need a freelancer and colleagues think of you first when they have work to refer
  •  Develop a targeted follow-up list of your best prospects, clients, and colleagues 
  •  Plan your effective, efficient targeted follow-up strategy 

Expert Guidance and Support 

In the personalized coaching version of the course, along with the lessons, exercises, and handouts, you get: 

  •  Personal guidance on getting the clients you deserve, based on YOUR business, goals, challenges, etc. 
  •  Marketing Review: A written review near the start of the course of your business, LinkedIn profile, website, etc. with marketing suggestions 
  •  Written review of 4 key exercises 
  •  2 conference calls (up to 45-minutes each) to discuss your progress, answer your questions, and offer guidance 
  •  Marketing Momentum Report: A written review of your progress during the course with suggestions for next steps so you continue to make progress  
  •  Answers to questions about marketing your business via email 

Coaching Gives Freelancers Answers and Confidence 

“A few weeks of Lori’s personal coaching and exercise review is worth more than years of reading books and taking other online courses. Why go through the agony of trying to figure it out yourself when Lori can provide the answers?” 

Christina Sanguinetti, Freelance medical writer and editor since 2014 

“Getting feedback from an expert like Lori who has nearly 20 years of real-world experience running her own freelance business, is invaluable.” Stephanie Bouchard, Blue Heron Writing & Editing, Freelancer since 2014 

“This course and Lori's mentoring gave me more confidence than I ever thought possible and helped me access and seize an amazing number of opportunities after a mere two months.” 

Eva Stabenow, CT (EN-DE), Freelance translator & &onference interpreter since 1995 

“Lori provided invaluable individualized feedback on my marketing materials and specific suggestions on how to improve them. Her experience helped me to clarify more effective ways to reach my ideal clients.” 

Joy Drohan, Eco-Write, Freelance writer and editor since 1995 

Course Dates

October 17-December 4 (Thanksgiving Break: November 21-27) 

Each lesson starts on a Monday. 

  •  Monday, October 17 
  •  Monday, October 24 
  •  Monday, October 31 
  • Monday, November 7 
  •  Monday, November 14 
  •  Monday, November 28 

You can complete the course in 6 weeks, but you don’t have to. If you have a big deadline for a client coming up, it’s okay to go slower. The key is to keep making progress toward getting the clients you deserve. Both students who’ve completed the course in 6 weeks and those who’ve needed extra time are seeing results—sometimes while they’re still taking the course.

Will the Course Work for Me?

Yes, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. The course will help you position your business to get the clients you deserve and move toward doing this. But if you’re looking for an easy, effortless way to get great clients instantly, then the course isn’t for you. 

Enroll Now Before the Course Sells Out! 

Course Limit


  • 20 students

Personalized coaching:

  • 15 students

Course Cost


  • $297 

Personalized coaching:

  • 15 students


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